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Privacy Statement

This privacy policy statement explains how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our website.


Responsible contact

Petabite GmbH
Munstermannskamp 1
21335 Lüneburg
Email: info (at)
Phone: +49 4131 7898-137

Data Officer

In case of questions, complaints or information requests, please contact our data officer

Bernard Pruin
Petabite GmbH
Munstermannskamp 1
21335 Lüneburg
Email: bernard.pruin (at)
Phone: +49 4131 7898-137

Scope of personal data processing

We process personal data of our website visitors only to the extend necessary to ensure proper, secure operation of this website, thus only technical information is logged, as a side effect of the generic software used to serve the site and in order to identify potential threat scenarios.

In cases where further personal data processing is necessary we will ask for explicit agreement, if that is technical possible. If you send us an e-mail we assume that you agree for us to handle your personal data to respond and enter into a conversation with you.

Website access data logging

Legal basis for the handling of personal data

Processing of personal data in the course of website operations is performed on the basis of Art.6 Par.1 of the DSGVO

Scope of the personal data

The following information is logged when accessing our website:

  • Information on the browser type and version used to access the site
  • The reported IP address of the user
  • Time and date of the access
  • The URL of the page that is accessed
  • Any additional URL parameter passed with the request

We do not try to identify an individual visitor through its IP address. The geographic location of the IP address is however resolved as part of the standard website management toolset employed by us.

Purpose of website data processing

Log data is stored and kept to allow to ensure and check proper technical functioning of the website and the supporting infrastructure.

Data storage duration and deletion

The logged access data is stored for a limited period of time to allow for checking of potential access problems and the identification of threats and is usually deleted within a month after website access.

Right to information and deletion

In so far as real time data is concerned it is technically impossible to avoid the initial storage of access data. A subsequent deletion can be requested via our data officer. It should be noted however that due to the short internal storage, no access data to be deleted will be there after a few days and such process entails the association of an IP address with a specific identifiable user. This is an association that we do not normally perform ourselves and cannot perform without cooperation of the user.