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Privacy policy for job applications

This privacy policy statement explains how our organization uses the personal data when you are sending us a job application.


Responsible contact

Petabite GmbH
Munstermannskamp 1
21335 Lüneburg
Email: info (at)
Phone: +49 4131 7898-137

Data Officer

In case of questions, complaints or information requests, please contact our data officer

Bernard Pruin
Petabite GmbH
Munstermannskamp 1
21335 Lüneburg
Email: bernard.pruin (at)
Phone: +49 4131 7898-137

Scope of personal data processing

During the job application process we collect the following personal data
  • Your address and further contact information.
  • Your bank details in case of re-imbursement of expenses (e.g. for travels to an interview)
  • Data which you have provided during your application including the content of the communication with you.
  • Your CV and other references that you supply in support of your application.
  • Notes on information that you have supplied in verbal communication and on-line or offline meetings.

Note that, if you apply for a job via mail, we do not process such information electronically, except for contact information that we need to communicate with you and potentially bank details in case of re-imbursement.

Legal basis for the handling of personal data

We base the processing of your data on our legitimate interest to allow us to assess your suitability for the job offering you have applied for. The legal basis is Article 6 f) GDPR and Article 9 (2) e) GDPR.

Purpose of data processing

We processess your data to assess your suitability for the job you have applied for.

In addition we keep your data for the duration of potential disputes about the application process to ensure that we have all the information that we have based our decission on.

In case of successful application and employment the data is kept for the duration of your employment and some of the information beyond that, as per legal requirements of employment.

Data storage duration and deletion

The personal data of an unsuccessful applicant is kept for 6 months, or, if there is a dispute, until the dispute has been resolved.

The personald data of a successful applicant is kept as long as the employment lasts and some information is kept longer as per legal requirements.

Right to information, correction and deletion

You can request information on the information that we have stored about you via the above contact point.

You can ask for the correction and amendent of any information via the above contact point.

You can ask for the deletion of your personal data to which we will comply unless we are obliged by law to keep some of the data or there is the need to keep the data to be able to respond to complaints about the selection process within the time-frame set by law.