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Petabite data scout service

The Petabite data scout service is an earth observation and in-situ data catalogue that provides information and access to free and open earth observation data ( currently Copernicus data only). In situ data is made available (paid option) through selected pre-processed data products with direct access functionality under active development. We are currently collecting AIS ship location data and ADS-B flight data.

Key features of the service are

  • Easy to use but powerful search function
  • Useful additional productivity functions (e.g stored searches)
  • Agreeable use and visualisation also on mobile devices
  • Data product resource pages with short links for easy sharing of data pointers
  • Indexing of free and open data sources with integrated download function independent of the actual data location
  • Integrated In-situ and IoT data

The service is under very active development, additional features to be expected soon include

  • Hosted processing capabilities with direct access to the stored in-situ data
  • Direct search capability for in-situ data
  • Submission interface for user-supplied in-situ data

The service ist available at